Ula You

Sea and Lava Jewelry

Ula You is a brand of artisan and artistic jewelry inspired by the character of the island of Lanzarote.


Jewels without altering their nature.


They integrate the force of the ocean, the energy of volcanoes and the properties of stones.

Unique Jewelry


Ula You jewels bring natural beauty, harmony and spiritual well-being.
They make you feel special because they are made from the heart.

Ula You, born for people who are awake, aware, who admire beauty, believe in energy, the connection with life and take care of the environment.


We are concerned about our environment and we are committed to preserving it.


5% of sales are invested in cleaning Lanzarote’s beaches and sea beds.


Our packaging is sustainable and seeks to minimize environmental impact.


We pursue the Zero Waste philosophy.